Furniture Chamber of Commerce Announces Ambassador Opportunity


The Furniture Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to bringing “New Blood” into the furniture & mattress industry.

Whereas Corporate Big Box Stores like Ashley & Mattress Firm have driven the majority of Mom & Pops out-of-business with their unethical and illegal business practices, by joining together, the FCC can provide better value to friends, family & neighbors and keep the reasonable profits circulating in the local economies and not the Wall Street Casinos.

FCCSupported by local Distribution Centers, SleepShops, and Retail Establishments, FCC Ambassadors share the BigTicketBroker story of starting a home based furniture business on a part time basis and Never Pay Retail again. Future products offered will include; cars, jewelry, spas, RVs, boats, planes and Luxury Travel.

Unlike MLM that takes a product and marks it up 7-10x to pay commissions and up-line overrides, BigTicketBrokers offer the same or better name brand products at a fraction of what they charge for the exact same items at the Corporate Stores. The FCC is also building a National Network of local delivery and installation providers, called WhiteGlove4Less, that will compete with Amazon Prime.

To attract the finest Leadership Team on the Planet, they have devised the most lucrative Direct Sales Pay Program, that includes a weekly fast-start pay, a weekly matching bonus, a monthly infinity bonus pool, a monthly residual bonus, a luxury car payment, a luxury vacation & training opportunities, five conventions per year, and stock incentives.

Welcome Brand Ambassador!

We want to thank you for becoming a PerfectDreamer Brand Ambassador. We feel it’s important to give you ownership in a holding company, NewEconomyMarketingGroup Inc. Just for making your qualified purchase today, you will receive 1000 shares of stock. PerfectDreamer Premium Mattresses is our National Name Brand Mattress line made in the U.S.A. with quality manufacturing specifications designed to compete against the Corporate Big Name Stores at 20-30% less. The key is spending $0 on national advertising and using “Brand Ambassador” advertising that is very effective and we pass the savings on to our customers. In addition, by referring family and friends, not only will you receive a $50 referral fee for each iDealist mattress bought but also you will receive 500 shares of stock for each.

Furniture Chamber of Commerce Brand Ambassador material post card front

What size were you looking for Queen or King?

Disclaimer- The shares of stock you received is real but currently has no value. If and when the company goes public, the value of the stock is determined by the supply and demand of the stock. There is no guarantee that the stock will be of any value and may be worthless. However, it is our intention to create value by expansion, growth and profitability.