Regional Market Developer

Takes the term “Partners in Profit” to a deeper level.

A RMD owns the rights to a particular geographical area (State, County, Metro Area, etc) and assists with the expansion and growth of iDealFurniture. Not only does an RMD have the right to open their own Distribution Center but receives commission on every Distribution Center opened in their exclusive territory and a percentage of wholesale profit on every item sold throughout the territory.


  • Will guarantee that your territory is protected
  • Have a strong, viable business model to take to the market
  • “Lead by example” will assist with the recruiting process
  • Sell Direct to the Public for immediate income
  • Build a strong consistent residual income
  • Continue Corporate Sales Support for Growth and Profitability
  • No traditional advertising costs
  • Existing business model is available to look at.
  • High Quality, Name Brand, New and Fully Warrantied Products

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