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Mattress Glossary


The mattress industry uses many different terms and jargon which may be confusing when researching for a new mattress. This Mattress Glossary is compiled of the most common words and terms you may come across when researching a mattress. Adjustable Bed –

PerfectDreamer iDealist Pillow Top Gel 15


The PerfectDreamer iDealist Pillow Top Gel 15 is the softest model in the PerfectDreamer line. If you’re looking for a soft, enveloping initial feel with good underlying support, this may be just right for you. At a Comfort Scale rating

iDealFurniture Experiencing Heavy National Expansion Amidst Competitor Store Closings

iDealFurniture National Expansion map

iDealFurniture has proven their furniture business model successful in a new economy that is forcing the furniture industry to rethink operation strategies as a wave of competing furniture storefronts continue to close down. The fastest growing network of furniture and