iDeal LTO

iDealLTOThe $8.5-billion rent-to-own industry—or LTO— continues to improve its business, customer service and pricing becoming a viable consumer option in the American economy.

DealLTO possess a unique opportunity in the business opportunity industry and lease-to-own sector. We have the experience, knowledge, tools and support that come from being a part of the nation’s most explosive highly profitable businesses.

The resources gained by joining iDealLTO as a business opportunity are unmatched in the lease-to-own industry, and increase the likelihood of your success from day one.

iDealLTO’s purchasing power means that our Licensees can buy the products they offer to their customers with confidence. Their costs are kept low by the fact that iDealLTO buys hundreds of millions of dollars of name brand products annually. Our Licensee are able to leverage iDealLTO’s huge purchasing power; ensuring that their prices can be competitive in the local markets.

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