PerfectDreamer Mattress Deals Impact

American-made PerfectDreamer iDealist mattress was created to provide supreme comfort and support as well as an exquisitely modest price-tag.

LAS VEGAS – Aug. 13, 2018 — American consumers spend billions of dollars on bedding, white noise machines, medicine, sleep coaches, and a long list of other products and services to help get a better night’s sleep.  The rising costs of sleep insufficiency, getting less than seven hours a night, leads to short- and long-term health problems as well as lost productivity. While not all of us suffer with sleep-disorders, we all do experience the effects of gravity, so much so that mattress technology might as well be the closest we have to real-world anti-gravity platforms.

The PerfectDreamer iDealist was created in response to Americans waking up to the mental, physical, and economic costs of sleep insufficiency; quite frankly, we got tired of all the nonsense. As it may seem to exist 100s of thousands of different types of mattresses, only one line has proven an affordable, one stop shop solution for a sleep system – the PerfectDreamer iDealist American Made Premium Mattress. Invented by Larry Kozin, Founder of PerfectDreamer with a lifetime in the mattress business, built with luxurious comfort and support at forefront. To give the ultimate individualized comfort and support, MicroCoils bring support points closer to the body’s contours providing a soft yet supportive sleep sensation. 3-Zoned Pocket Springs individually wrapped coils feature strategically positioned comfort zones that provide superior support to the hips, back and shoulders. 360° Foam Encasement provides perimeter support for increased sleeping surface and stability. Graphite Infused Memory Foam, a breathable heat-removing surface that alleviates pressure points for deep sleep, comes next. Top it off with an EnFinit® PCM Cover – Phase Change Material – a dependable thermal management that delivers lasting comfort. Check out the whole spread at

While the sleep-health industry is collectively estimated to be worth between $30 billion to $40 billion and has historically grown by more than 8 percent per year, with few signs of slowing down, the PerfectDreamer iDealist namesake is also in its affordability. Brand credibility is table stakes, as consumers are not looking for gimmicks but rather demanding a mattress with proven results. Based on the growing awareness of the mental, physical, and economic costs of sleep insufficiency, consumers are increasingly seeking out new solutions. The PerfectDreamer iDealist takes mattress technology and modernizes it for the everyday American’s pocketbook.

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