Make your home a money-making machine

Las Vegas, Nevada, February, 2018 – It’s not everyday a person can find financial freedom in the furniture business. It’s even rarer to find it from the comfort of one’s home–or better still–from the solace of the very sofa partially responsible for one’s financial success.

Introducing KozyHome. 

“KozyHome is proven model for homepreneurs who want to both save money and make money in the bed and furniture business,” says Larry Kozin, founder of NewEconomyMarketingGroup (NEMG), a holding company of brands including iDealFurniture, KozyFurniture, PerfectDreamer SleepShop and WhiteGloves4Less to name a few. “We are sharing our secrets to success on how my wife and I have both showcased, staged and flipped million-dollar homes using premier beds and furniture. There are a myriad of models one could employ to make a few bucks or millions with KozyHome.”

One such model KozyHome offers is putting investors into million-dollar rentals with an option to buy and then teaching them how to stage and flip the home for a higher asking price. As the home goes on the market, investors can make weekly income selling high-end furniture from a number of KozyHome preferred vendors including ones used by the famed Property Brothers.

KozyHome is an opportunity to turn one’s own home or several homes into money-making machines,” says Kyle Morey, an initial investor in the KozyHome division and operator of the first KozyHome showcase in Tucson (AZ). “I simply plugged into the NEMG’s network of 2,500 furniture brokers and 200 plus authorized dealers to get high-end mattresses and furniture at wholesale and turned around and sold them right from a million-dollar home in the desert. The sales from the furniture provides us with weekly cash flow as we work toward the larger goal of staging and flipping the home along with the furniture.”

Larry had this to say about the Moreys, “Kyle and his wife Denielle are proof that what my wife Angie and I did with our home and furniture can be duplicated. You can read all about the Morey’s adventures on their blog as they document their day-to-day doings and what it takes to find financial freedom through KozyHome.

You can read Kyle Morey’s finding financial freedom in furniture blog at www.thatsamoreyblog.com. To learn more about KozyHome, other NEMG business opportunities, or to book an interview, contact John Bellave at 800-380-7714 ext 110 or email, jb@idealfurniture.org, or visit the website at www.idealfurniture.org.


About NEMG

NewEconomyMarketingGroup is North America’s premier team of business consultants specializing in the bed and furniture industry and a holding company for some of the nation’s leading furniture brands including iDealFurniture, KozyFurniture, FurnitureBROKER, Gloves4Less, PerfectDreamer Sleep Shop and now KozyHomes. NEMG’s mission is to provide first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs an effective route on the road to achieving their dreams of success. For more information on how you can get on this road, visit www.nemg.biz.

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