How to Succeed in the Furniture Business can be summed up in 2 Words:

When the truck does not show up: Don’t Quit

When the customer lies: Don’t Quit

When the order comes in wrong: Don’t Quit

When the customer threatens to (fill in blank): Don’t Quit

When your customer yells at you for something that was not you fault: Don’t Quit

When the customer disputes their credit card charges: Don’t Quit

When you get blamed for a manufacturers defect: Don’t Quit

I can go on and on, but I hope you get the message. There are millions of dollars at stake and we get paid Big Bucks to be Master Problem Solvers and to program our minds to not take everything personally. Accept everything that happens, knowing that there is a Solution better than quitting.

The furniture business is filled with frustration and over the last 40 years I have seen companies and people come and go, but those that can deal with the adversity and leverage the incredible upside of this industry are living lives beyond their wildest dreams.