PerfectDreamer Xtra Firm


Are you looking for a seriously supportive mattress? The PerfectDreamer XTRA FIRM Queen mattress could be exactly what you need. Extra firm to give you the support you need for a good night’s rest, this mattress features a tight top design to deliver extra support, while still supplying some cushioned comfort. The support system features the latest posture technology, so you’re correctly aligned for an excellent night’s sleep. Foam-encased technology delivers long life edge performance on this XTRA FIRM, so you can utilize the whole sleeping surface without it buckling. Unlike other firm mattresses of similar design, the Xtra Firm includes the TruCool quilt to provide a moisture absorbing, cool sleep surface.

1530AR HighRes

PerfectDreamer XTRA FIRM spec

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  • Ultra Firm
  • Comfort Scale 4
  • Mattress Height: 13.5″
This describes how a mattress feels. The Comfort Scale rating is based on how the cushioning materials conform to the body’s shape. The higher the number the softer the mattress.

Quilt Top of Mattress

  • TruCool Cover
  • Fire Resistant Fiber
  • ¾” Comfort Quilt Foam
  • ⅜” Comfort Quilt Foam
  • Quilt Back
This is the outside cover on the top of the mattress. It covers and protects the comfort and support layers inside.

Comfort Padding Layers

  • 2½” Extra Firm Foam
  • 1″ Support Foam
This provides a cushioning layer between you and the support system in the bed. Different kinds of padding will provide different levels of comfort.

Correct Back Support System

  • 460 (Q) Verticoil Elite Innerspring
  • 3″ Support Foam
  • 360° Foam Encasement
This is a general term used to describe how a mattress distributes and stabilizes body weight and maintains proper spinal alignment. Different materials provide different levels of support.

Box Spring Foundation

  • 9″ Standard Height Foundation or
  • 5″ Low Profile Foundation
  • Regular Box Spring: 9″
  • Low Profile Box Spring: 5″
These terms are interchangeable. A box spring or foundation is a unit containing springs, metal rods, or solid wood slats that support the mattress. This helps decrease wear to the mattress.

Model Number

  • Twin 1530ARKMT
  • Twin XL 1530ARKMTXL
  • Full 1530ARKMF
  • Queen 1530ARKMQ
  • King 1530ARKMEK
  • California King 1530ARKMCK


  • 10 Year Warranty
  • First 1 Years Non-Prorated
  • Last 9 Years Prorated