The Demise of the Retail Furniture Establishment


Welcome to the New Frontier of furniture entrepreneurial opportunities. Whether you are already one of our Network Partners or in the process of deciding to join us, I must say that there are billions of dollars up for grabs and it is up to you on what piece of the pie you would like to partake in.

History leaves Clues

According to Wikipedia, “at its peak in 2004, Blockbuster consisted of nearly 60,000 employees and over 9,000 stores, however, on September 23, 2010 they filed for bankruptcy”. The billions of dollars of revenue and profits, did not disappear, instead, a NewEconomy business model was able to deliver the same product more efficiently and more cost effectively.

The analogy I’ll make is not rocket science and is so obvious that it amazes me that the WallStreet Casino that has purchased MattressFirm and Ashley does not see it. Their over confidence against Internet competitors like Amazon, who also have a flawed business model has driven the share price to over $64 per share, as of October 15th, 2016, with investors swooning over a foreign corporation promising to increase profits even more than the records they have been able to achieve, at the expense of naive consumers, that do not trust purchasing mattresses and furniture online.

They may not realize, that just like what is happening in politics, people from all walks of life are closely looking at the establishment, and if you add Bernie Sanders supporters, with Donald Trump supporters, you have a vast majority of Americans believing that the establishment does not always operate in the best interest of the people they are making promises to, but are controlled by special interest groups, foreign interests and a crony capitalism oligarchy that needs to be stopped.

The simplicity of our business models is strictly exposing the corruption and unethical practices of Corporate Furniture enterprises, whose primary mission statement is to reward the foreign and corporate shareholders. Additionally, utilizing the NewEconomy strategies, we are able to give our local neighbors, friends and associates, the education and choices to receive the exact same quality goods at a fraction of the cost of the Corporate offerings. Most importantly, instead of the cash flow and profits lining the pockets of Wall Street investors, those profits remain and circulate in the Local Economies, bringing prosperity back to our communities.

Certainly, having a local center where products can be sampled, will always be superior to purchasing online from an offshore call center or website, but by eliminating retail overheads, employees, trucks, and traditional corporate media, all this savings are passed back to the local consumers and exceptional profits are earned by our Network Partners, working by appointment and creating a lifestyle beyond our wildest dreams, for ourselves and others.

Please stay tuned for future issues of the NEMG Journal, which will continue to expose the greed and unethical practices of WallStreet Establishments and how you can capitalize on their demise.

To Your Success,

Larry Kozin

Larry Kozin

High Point, NC Market





LAS VEGAS JAN 22nd 2017



Dan Dawson & Pam Straube

In the beginning, iDealFurniture’s State Commissioner Dan Dawson didn’t think delivering mattresses was going to be enjoyable. Dan is no stranger to B2B Sales, as for nearly 15 years, he sold vending kiosks to owners of shopping centers, sports stadiums and hotels. He was, however, a stranger to B2C Sales. Mid 2015, while looking for new business opportunities at BizBuySell.com, Dan stumbled upon an iDealFurniture ad with promise of a highly lucrative industry and low startup costs. With zero experience in furniture and mattresses, Dan decided to roll the dice and meet iDF’s President John Bellave at the 2015 Furniture Market Show in Las Vegas. In January 2016, Dan opened his first PerfectDreamer SleepShop – business is “excellent” and he loves what he is doing. Using only 50 to 75 ads at Craigslist.org, Dan markets to his customers for FREE. He wouldn’t change a thing and is excited for 2017 as iDealFurniture continues to expand its library of new products.

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