iDealFurniture Experiencing Heavy National Expansion Amidst Competitor Store Closings

iDealFurniture National Expansion map

iDealFurniture has proven their furniture business model successful in a new economy that is forcing the furniture industry to rethink operation strategies as a wave of competing furniture storefronts continue to close down. The fastest growing network of furniture and mattress dealers in the United States, now operating in 32 states, with a projected 500 dealers by mid 2017 and 1000 the following year, iDealfurniture has revolutionized the traditional furniture business, removing the risk and overhead usually associated with a retail location.

iDealFurniture’s prospective targets include families that desire quality furniture at bargain prices. Currently, families are upgrading, beautifying and altering the look of the current home. Many statistics show that the furniture business is on a strong rebound. Prices will be much lower due to little to no overhead because an iDealFurniture dealership has access to the same exact quality, variety and manufacture of any store front business in the community.

“In today’s New Economy, we saw the need to trim down the amount of startup costs involved in starting a furniture business, boost growth and accelerate profitability,” stated CEO/Founder, Larry Kozin. He went on to say, “We know how to advance your furniture business through innovative, inexpensive methods of advertising while keeping operating costs to a minimum.”

The importance to present quality merchandise to customers at bargain prices while still remaining profitable, all the while under cutting the competition because you don’t have the overhead and expenses of payroll, utilities, rent, cost of advertising, etc., makes for a winning formula. iDealFurniture™ is a rapidly expanding furniture dealership organization dedicated to providing the entrepreneur a vehicle grow and become profitable. Their Pledge is to consistently exceed our Dealer’s expectations, provide superior value and long term support while preserving the highest ethical standards. The company recognizes that the professionalism and dedication of each staff member are keys to the Dealer’s success.

While traditional retailers closed their doors or reorganized through bankruptcy over the last several years, an iDealFurniture Dealer can run their furniture business out of their home and meet customers by “appointment only” out of a Public Storage or a low overhead warehouse. Employees and Traditional advertising has also been eliminated, as well as a failure rate of budding entrepreneurs who without any experience, find success establishing their own local iDealFurniture Dealership.

In the past, manufacturers looked down upon and wanted nothing to do with this kind of operation, however, based on their tremendous group buying power and volume, progressive thinking manufacturers are more than happy to supply and prosper with iDealFurniture, which has Industry experts shaking their heads in disbelief.

“I fought like hell to get name brand suppliers to sell me for over 30 years with limited success,” says iDealFurniture CEO, Larry Kozin. “Now they are beating down a path to my door and the wining and dining is flowing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I’m grateful that our time has come and that I stuck around the business long enough for our business model to be embraced.”

What especially draws the newer business opportunity-seeker, is the very low startup costs and immediate profit potential. Dealers receive their Factory Direct Mattress orders every week, absolutely FREE, which helps the Dealers that have shoestring capital budgets. We have had Network Partners start out working out of tiny warehouses, momth2month and parlayed that in to 8000sf buildings on major thoroughfares.

While the traditional furniture retailers continue to struggle with employee salaries, commissions and benefits, new health insurance regulations, workers compensation insurance, traditional advertising, and retail overhead…iDealFurniture is in High Gear in the race for outlets and savvy entrepreneurs that want to minimize their risks and have unlimited profit potential and time freedom are signing on in droves.

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